I am working on my third album, “Yaldati.” I am composing all the songs, recording all the instruments, and producing the album myself.

To accomplish the goal of playing all the instruments for my album, I started learning cello! It really kept me going artistically when Covid-19 hit and all performances were canceled.

I wrote an essay called “Being Black and Jewish” that I adapt and give as a speech for Jewish communities who ask. For it, I read Marra Gad’s “The Color of Love” and Robin Diangelo’s “White Fragility,” which were both excellent jumping off places for my own education and thoughtfulness on race issues.

The preservation and, in some cases, recreation of Egyptian cantillation for the Tanakh, has been an ongoing project for years but I think that it is complete for now, and ready to be used! Please email me if you would like a copy of the sheet music of the Zarqa table.

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