Two weeks ago the wonderful lady Rabbi who walked me into the mikveh gave birth to her first child, Ella. Aaron and I wrote this song together (our second ever) on Labor Day. And my week feels so much more amazing all of a sudden. I forget sometimes, in being Teacher, that I am also Composer and Violinist.

Here’s to remembering the sides of ourselves that we don’t make enough time for but are grateful that they trudge along with us through the years. Love you both Rabbis Hillary and Daniel Chorny.

Ten Years

Today marks my ten year anniversary since one of the three best and biggest decisions I ever made: moving to England. I loved my time there, and I miss so many things about my life there including Abbey Road Studios, and being able to hug my friends and meet their babies. But I also love my life here and the personal and professional challenges that almost immediately filled it.

If you know you need to be somewhere, or do something, don’t wait as long as I did.