So on Sunday I gave my second free-improvisation concert, and my fiance was wonderful about recording it so those videos will show up here soon.

The gig reconnected me to my electric violin. I re-discovered something that should have been unforgettable — that playing fifths is a lot easier on this lovely five-string instrument, because the fingerboard space is smaller than a normal four-string violin. Yay fifths.

Here are two loops I made this evening. Kind, impression comments are more than welcome.

New Site, New Name

Getting married (if changing one’s name) presents certain decisions for the teaching artist. Do I professionally keep my old name and personally take on the new? Do I convert everything and everyone over to the new?

I decided to do the latter. My seven year old boys’ violin/viola class will have to re-learn to call me Mrs. Asher instead of Ms. Thompson.  My last album (see to the right) is listed here – everything else from this point on will be, happily, Jenni Asher.

Welcome to my new website. You will find errant thoughts on music education and materials, improvisation, and links to awesome things in the community. And if that isn’t what you’re looking for, please feel free to drop me a line: jennimarieasher@gmail.com.

Aaron & Jenni